Hyrule Warriors - Link’s Alternate Outfits 

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Hyrule Warriors Fi Gameplay

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The Ocarina of Time themed update for Hyrule Warriors

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this sucks but whatever i was just trying to get a feel for that stupid outfit


this sucks but whatever i was just trying to get a feel for that stupid outfit

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Super Smash Bros. Is my favorite anime

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Side Streets and Secret Dealings: By the Sea we Swear Part 3: A Victubia Fanfiction

((Sorry, this would have gone up much much sooner if I hadn’t been so lazy. But with Part 3, By the Sea is done. Look forward to next one! Be sure to go visit my friend’s quotev:

“What? What’s going on?” Alden’s concern rose rapidly at the sound of Lynn’s. Judging by the sound of her voice, the broker was, oddly and unusually, losing her cool. It was just a word, but the smaller girl was so used to the taller always knowing what to do. And if she didn’t, she figured it out barely a second later. So what was beyond the door that she had seen that had caused the amount of panic and…<i>fear</i>…that worried her so? Unsuccessfully she tried peering under her arm only to see the wood of the closed door.
Lynn hadn’t answered all this time, but suddenly turned on her heels with the hardest expression Alden had ever seen. “Pathadora Alden, from here on out until I say so, you will do exactly what I say. No questions, no ‘if’s’ or ‘but’s’ or ‘why’s.’ Know that the danger we face now is greater than we have before.”
<!— more —>
The shapeshifter was stunned into silence. Sure Lynn had given her lectures and instructions before, but nothing like this. Unsure of what else to say, she stuttered out, “S-sure. But can you at least tell me what’s going on?”
Lynn, visibly anxious, took off her hat and ran a hand through her hair before replacing it. She was thinking, her eyes darting back and forth in her thoughts. Finally she seemed to settle on something and glanced down at the girl. “Alden, you have to know that my hands are far from clean. People have died because I had the information and someone else had the money. Their blood? On my hands. Even in Victubia, its the same.” Alden had to admit she had at least thought about it before, but it still surprised her when Lynn said it so bluntly.
But still, Lynn continued, “Here in this town, when I was Adrienne, I was the responsible for the deaths of at least half of the Adair clan. They’re the mob that rules this city like Queen Minx rules Victubia or I run the underground. While that alone is enough to put a ‘wanted’ on me, what turned it into a death warrant was the fact that I betrayed the man I…’worked’…for. Someone had the money and I had had enough of the man.”
“So you sold him out.”
“Yes, exactly. Now that man is right out front, and we have to go. Like now.” Without another word, she ushered the short girl toward what must have been the backdoor. When opened, they discovered it lead into a back alley behind the bar with a dumpster to their right and a dead end beyond that. At the entrance to the street the two saw a pair of burly men standing together, a stylized ‘A’ on the back of their shirts. Lynn, looking out above Alden, cursed once more. The short girl needed no explanation as to who these guys were.
“What do we do now?” She asked Lynn, glancing around for an escape route.
“I… I’m not sure.”
“Oy.” At the sound of a familiar voice, both girls turned around to see James standing behind them. Remarkably, he seemed more sober than he had a minute ago. “That guy still giving you trouble?”
Lynn nodded solemnly, stone-faced and tense. “Two of them are cutting off our escape route out there.”
James grinned, cracked his knuckles, and pushed his way between them out into the alley, throwing a wink back at Alden as he went. The two leaned out once more to watch from the shadows as he approached the two men, stumbling as if he was drunk again. Alden, understanding what was about to happen, looked up to see an identical grin on Lynn’s face.
“Watch,” she said, gesturing to her brother. “James is known for his mean punch around here. I’ve never been on the receiving end, but my older brother tells me his fist is iron.”
“You have another one? There are three of you?”
“Alden, just watch.” And they did. James stumbled up the men and threw an arm around each of the shoulders as if they were all good drinking friends. They heard him laugh loudly before he turned and punched one in the face. The man went down in one shot, his nose surely broken, and the other followed soon after while he was busy registering what happened. Shaking off his fists, James half turned to Alden and Lynn and gestured for them to come out.
“All clear! You better get out of here quick though. I’d imagine Dalen got nothing but wise these past years.” With wide grins the women stepped out of the shadow and hurried to where James was standing. Alden thanked him, catching another wink, while Lynn just stared at her younger sibling.
“James—” She started, but was soon cut off.
“Its certainly nice to meet you miss… Lynn did you say your name was? Hope you and your friend have a good day now,” he said, tipping an invisible hat to the two of them.
Lynn grinned and returned it with a nod before half dragging her employee down the street. Once they turned the corner and the bar was out of sight, she quickly adjusted her hat and coat, slipping off her pin and her ring. Alden, curious about both as she watched, decided to ask a question that had never occurred to her before. “What’s the story behind those?”
Startled, the broker looked up. “What makes you think there’s a story?”
“Lynn, you wouldn’t wear them without a reason.”
“Fair enough. The pin has no real story behind it. I saw it, liked the spider, and decided to buy it. Besides, kinda fitting for someone like me, huh?” But the joke got no response from the stone-faced Alden.
“And the ring?”
“Ah, that.” Lynn’s expression fell into a sort of cynical half-smile. “It was a gift from a…friend. Ouroboros, the snake eating itself. Maybe its not what it really means in mythology, but my friend gave it me as a warning. My line of work and what I do would eventually come back to bite me in the ass, she believed. Ironically, she died shortly after, but she ended up being right.”
“How did she die?”
“Caught in the middle of a gang fight. Thats what makes it ironic. She was a part of the mob around here and got killed.”
Alden was silent for a long moment before she spoke again, something in her voice small and far away from the roguelike port town. “You’re used to death, aren’t you? You say she died and was killed so casually.”
Lynn was about to respond with something else casually, but the thought of the younger girl’s sister rose to mind and she stilled her words. Looking up, she gave Alden a long, hard stare. “Pathadora,” she began, using the rare first name, “I told you before I have blood on my hands, more than you realize. If I cared about every death I caused, I would be long dead myself. But know that just because I am desensitized to death around me, doesn’t mean you need to be. You lost your sister. That is not something you recover from.”
“But you would recover.”
“Don’t, Alden. You know what I mean.”
Alden looked away, refusing to meet Lynn’s eyes. The two of them stood in silence for a long while before the older sighed and started walking. “Fine. Come on then, lets go. I promised Doug I’d help him out.” The younger, still unsure, followed her anyways down the street as they headed for some destination unknown to her. She didn’t even feel like asking. She had had enough of talking for now. The two continued in silence and for the first time Alden wondered if she regretted telling Lynn about her sister. If she regretted bringing the blood-stained woman into her family.
Not long after found them stepping out of a run-down house toward the northern part of town. Lynn was grumbling under her breath as she counted the money she had in her hand. They were down a few coins, but nothing major. “A friend of the family. I can’t believe him. Blackmailing Douglas just to get on Dalen’s good side.” Alden, on the other hand, had said very little this entire time. But she forced herself out of the shell she had fallen into and turned to ask a curiosity she had.
“What will happen to him now?”
“Hm? Oh, him. With the money I gave him he’ll stay quiet for a while, enough so that I can send a message to Doug telling him who he has to worry about. From there, its up to him what happens,” she answered as they turned down the street away from the house. It was late afternoon now, the streets were still crowded with the leftover remnants of the market goers.
“What will your brother do?” The chattering of the crowd was made it hard to hear, but it also made a great cover for conversation.
“I don’t know,” Lynn said, staring straight ahead as she pushed through people. Vendors on either side called out half-hearted attempts to gather customers, clearly about to pack up for the night.
“But you have an idea.” By now they were near the end of the street and the crowd was thinning and quieting. They turned into an alley, Alden trusting that Lynn knew where she was going. It was strange though, the sudden silence of the alley compared to the noise of the street. The walls seemed to be pushing the silence onto them, a heavy silence that hung like a dark shadow. It was so different compared to Victubia, where the two of them felt comfortable in the alleys.
Lynn visibly struggled to hide her grin. “For now lets assume even a skilled doctor will have a hard time healing him once Doug is done.” Despite the hushed tone she was speaking in, her words still seemed to echo off the walls in front of them. They sounded too loud to their ears.
With that mental image, Alden decided it was best to avoid pushing for any more answers. Instead she opted for a change of subject. “So what now? Do we go home?” Needless to say, after much excitement, the shapeshifter was ready to return to the safer Victubia.
“I should hope so. I’ve been here for far too long to be comfortable with staying any longer. We lost Dalen at the bar, but that doesn’t mean he’s gone for good.” Lynn scowled as she spoke, passing through a crossroad of alleys without glancing down the other paths. Alden noticed a few dead ends with doors leading into the buildings, but paid them little attention.
“This Dalen’s the guy you sold out, right? What’s he like?”
“A top of the line jackass, if you’ll excuse my language. Controlling, arrogant, belittling, and demanding. I would knife him myself if I ever bother to learn how to fight properly.”
“I’m afraid there’s quite a long line for that already, though you were always close to the front,” the sound of a cold unfamiliar voice made both women whip around to see a sharply dressed man with several others surrounding him, all scarred from countless fights. Only the first one was unharmed despite the dangerous air he gave off. “Honestly I’m almost surprised you haven’t knifed me already, Adrienne.” Shocked, Alden glanced up to see Lynn standing perfectly still with an emotionless mask across her face. Even so, she could feel the tense waves rolling off her employer.
“I apologize sir, but I believe you have the wrong person,” there was ice in her voice, ice and steel that sent a shiver down Alden’s spine. It was a last ditch effort to escape trouble, but it was clear this man was Dalen and he knew exactly who Awllynn was.
To match, Dalen’s next words were sharp as daggers and soaked with venom. “Adrienne. I have spent the last six years hunting you down. Do not treat me like I am a fool.”
“You’re right. My apologies. A man who has acted like a spoiled child should be treated like a spoiled child. After all, even a fool can be an adult.” Now she was playing with fire and Lynn knew it, but she couldn’t help it. For years she had wasted time catering to him, and now was her chance to repay him before she got both her and Alden killed.
Dalen did not take kindly to her words, as expected. With a gesture, two of the men raised crossbows and pointed them directly at the two women. Lynn conceded and held up her hands, gesturing for Alden to do the same. With a tense silence the two of them were pushed back into a dead end alley with no visible means of escape. One of the men holding a crossbow stepped in front of a door in a wall to their left, and the rest of the crowd blocked off the entrance. Lynn, unsurprised, recognized Kain as he stepped out from behind his brother with another crossbow aimed right between her eyes to replace the other one.
“I don’t believe you are in a position to be making such snarky comments. You have no escape, and you know this is where you’ll die,” Dalen’s voice was amplified by the buildings’ walls, now imposing and icy.
Awllynn, her expressionless face unbroken through all of this, looked up as if sending a word of prayer to some god above. In truth, her thoughts were running wild as she came to a realization. More than ever she was glad her employee had insisted on coming. “I suppose you’re right. There’s no escape on the ground as it is, seeing as how I cannot fly and up would be an ideal option,” Lynn spoke, calm and collected. She closed her eyes, then opened them and looked down at the short girl with a small grin, saying, “If we could sprout the wings of birds, or even dragons, we could escape,” before turning back to Dalen. For his part, he just raised an eyebrow at her, more bored than confused.
Alden, despite her fear and doubts on coming along, began to understand. Lynn was the only one here who knew of her shapeshifting powers, and of her reservations about them. But, looking around, it was their only chance of escape. Now it just a matter of how and when. The minute she started changing, they would more than likely shoot her if Lynn’s warning earlier that day meant anything. Just as she was planning, however, Lynn spoke and provided an opening.
“Dalen, let the girl go.”
“What?” He asked, almost laughing.
“She’s got nothing to do with anything between you and I. She’s got no weapons, no magic, and she isn’t even from here. It’d be a waste of your time to kill her. Let her go. She’ll most likely be dead by the end of the week anyways.”
Dalen turned calculating eyes on Alden, examining and evaluating her. “Kain, brother, what do you think?” He spoke, addressing the man dressed similarly aiming at Lynn’s head. The broker considered him with her narrowed, sharp eyes, pulling up everything she knew about him from her past.
His eyes never left the older woman’s face, but he responded with, “What harm could a small girl like her do? She’s not worth a bolt.”
This made the other grin, still watching Alden. “Alright then, girl. Go. Now. I might change my mind if you don’t hurry.”
Alden didn’t waste a second scurrying past the group out of the dead end and down the alley. As she glanced back to throw Lynn an apologetic look, she was met with triumphant eyes flashing back at her to her surprise. The plan had worked. With Alden out of sight she was out of mind, but that didn’t mean she would be gone for good. Turning into another dead end out of view, she took a deep breath and prepared herself. Freaking out here would do neither her nor Lynn any good. Nor would hesitating.
In the mean time, Lynn looked back at Dalen after watching her employee go. She made sure to act as if the crossbows didn’t even exist. It was a race against time, now. “So, now that thats out of the way, how has everyone been doing? I noticed my old home has barely been touched.”
He scowled at her as she spoke, but indulged the conversation a little longer. “Of course it hasn’t. Anyone who touches it is killed. I still need to find your stash of information, after all.”
“Ah, right. That,” she grinned at the memory of her previous work.” After six years you still can’t find it? For shame, Dalen. I thought you would have gotten nothing but wise these past years.”
“Watch it, Caol. You’re lucky you’re even still alive right now.”
“Of course I’m still alive. You want me to reveal the location.” A twitch. She had guessed right. That thought made Lynn smirk. ” You want me to try and use it as a bargaining chip, the location for my life. Unfortunately for me you intend to kill me even if I give it up.” A flash of something dark overhead, and she refused the urge to sigh in relief. “Unfortunately for you, however, you’ll get neither the location or my life.”
He had just enough time to narrow his eyes in confusion when a large red shape came hurtling down at them from above. Alden, in her dragon form, caused everyone but Lynn to stumbled backwards out of the alley, wide-eyed with fear. Dalen was sputtering incoherently as he fell back and stared at the unusual creature. She roared and spat fire before turning to face the older woman. “Get on,” came the deep growl, and Lynn complied without a moment’s hesitation.
“Just get us out of here and back into the streets. You’ll be shot down before we get anywhere close to the outskirts of town.” Alden gave a dragon’s nod and launched herself up and out of the alley onto the flat roof a building. The two of them moved to a clear spot on the streets where Lynn jumped off and waited until Alden was back into her human form. “Now lets go. We have a carriage to catch.”
The two of them were soon running down the streets at full speed with Lynn leading the way. It wasn’t long until they could hear angry shouts behind them, but neither felt the need to turn and see who they belonged too. They knew the danger that awaited them. Still, the younger one threw a cautionary glance backwards, finding the man called Kain close at their heels.
“Lynn!” She called out, and the older looked back to see the same sight. But there was nothing they could do. Their first priority was finding a way home. They couldn’t deal with a pursuer then. So the three of them continued weaving through the streets of the port town.
But it changed when Alden turned a corner she was sure Lynn had gone down only to find the broker was no where to be seen. Thankfully the carriages were just down the road, but the absence of her employer sent a jolt of fear down her spine. A sudden tight grip on her arm pulling into the shadows made her spin, trying to fend off an attacker, until a sharp “Sh!” and Lynn’s face stilled her movements. Alden let herself be maneuvered into dark spot, watching the street as Kain turned the corner only to find the street empty.
As they watched, he came to a stop and glanced around, clearly looking for them. Lynn pressed herself tight against the building whose shadow they were in with Alden following her example. Their bloods went cold when he turned and seemed to stare directly at them hiding in the darkness. Panic even began to set in when they could hear shouts and the sound of approaching men. Surely Kain was going to give them away and that would be end. Surely they were going to be caught and killed this time. There was no way they would fall for the shapeshifter’s trick again.
When the crowd appears at the corner, Kain turned to them with a blank expression. “They’re not here. They must have gone down that way,” he spoke, pointing down the street away from their hiding spots. The crowd nodded and moved away but left Kain standing at the corner in front of them.
Awllynn, sharp-eyed and on edge, stepped out of the shadows behind him when the crowd disappeared down the street. Alden instinctively wanted to pull her back into the shadows. Even she knew better than to face the enemy like Lynn was doing. But she stilled her hands just as she was about to grab her sleeve. The look on her face had been enough to know that she knew exactly what she was doing. “You sent them away when you knew full well we were here. Why?”
He glanced over his shoulder at her with a rueful smile. “Because I’ve had enough of Dalen as well. Now go, before they come back for you.”
But she didn’t go. Instead, she reached into her pocket for a piece of paper and a pen, scribbling something against her hand before holding the note out to him. “Make sure Doug gets this. And make sure my family isn’t harmed.” Here she gave him a smirk. “If I hear they’re injured, or worse dead, I don’t need to tell you what will happen. You’re a smart man.”
Kain took the note and shoved it into his pocket, his eyes never leaving her face. Then he returned the smirk and said, “In another life, and another time, I think we could have been great friends. Your family will be safe.”
“Friends? We could have been much more,” Lynn said vaguely before turning and pulling Alden out of the shadows. “Come on you shrimp. Your family might kill me if I keep you away for more than a day.” Nothing more was said as the two of them approached the carriages and payed for one to the next town over. When Alden looked back, Kain had gone and disappeared, her sense of uneasiness slowly fading. Some part of her understood that he would stick to his word, whether it was for Lynn or not.
“Alden?” Awllynn’s voice made her look back, seeing the older woman standing next to the back of a carriage preparing to go. “Are you coming?”
“Yeah, sorry. Just still a little overwhelmed with everything that happened.”
She laughed bitterly and the two of them boarded. “If you think this was bad, be glad you aren’t me. Now, lets head home.” With that the driver urged the horses, and they all pulled away from the town. For a brief moment, Alden lingered on the word ‘home’ as used by Lynn. It was strange to think that a place where she was hardly safe could be called home. But if a port town like this was once it, then Victubia was milder in comparison than Alden realized.
Suddenly she was glad she wasn’t Lynn.

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Nintendo 3DS System Giveaway.
So, the 3DS I ordered came in the mail, which means I have no use for this one anymore and there’s a lot of my followers who are in desperate need of a 3DS so why not do a giveaway for it?What you’ll be receiving:
One Purple Nintendo 3DS System
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There will only be one winner. The shipping costs will be covered by yours truly.
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You must have your ask box open when the giveaway ends so I have some form of contacting you.
If you win and don’t respond in 48 hours, a new winner will be picked.
    The giveaway will end on September 1st, 2014.Good luck!


Nintendo 3DS System Giveaway.

So, the 3DS I ordered came in the mail, which means I have no use for this one anymore and there’s a lot of my followers who are in desperate need of a 3DS so why not do a giveaway for it?

What you’ll be receiving:

  • One Purple Nintendo 3DS System
  • The stylus that comes with it
  • The charger
  • One 2GB SD Card
  • A copy of Pokemon X

▻ Rules.

  • There will only be one winner. The shipping costs will be covered by yours truly.
  • You don’t have to be following me, but it’d be much appreciated. I only post Pokemon here.
  • Likes do not count.
  • You may reblog this post as many times as you like, but be sure not to spam your followers.
  • No giveaway blogs, I check.
  • You must be okay with giving your address out to me.
  • You must have your ask box open when the giveaway ends so I have some form of contacting you.
  • If you win and don’t respond in 48 hours, a new winner will be picked.

The giveaway will end on September 1st, 2014.

Good luck!

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Sheik and OoT Link, all day every day.

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